Box Transformer

  • European style of box transformer

    European style of box transformer

    Its products have following characters: serialization, modularization, multiple functions, complete facility, small volume, light weight and good looking, they meet the requirement fo IEC1330 standard and applicable to city public distribution, street lamp power supply. 

  • Distribution Box KYN28A-12

    Distribution Box KYN28A-12

    KYN28A-12 armored central type AC metal enclosed switch gear (hereinafter referred to as switch-gear): it is a new product designed and developed by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad, which can replace the old metal closed switch-gear and is suitable for 3.6-12KV three-phase AC 50HZ power grid to receive and distribute electric energy, and to control, monitor and protect the circuit. It can be used in single-bus, single-bus segmented system or double-bus system. 

  • Cable Distribution Box MNS GCK GCS

    Cable Distribution Box MNS GCK GCS

    MNS is a modular, multi-functional low-voltage distribution cabinet. It is used in low voltage systems where high reliability is needed in the fields of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, industrial and mining enterprises and infrastructure. Such as power distribution and motor control system.

  • American style of box transformer

    American style of box transformer

    The combination transformer is characterized by reliable power supply, reasonable structure, quick installation, flexible and easy operation, small volume, low construction cost, etc It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and is widely used in industrial parks, residential quarters, business centers and high risers.

  • Container Type Transformer Substation YBW-12

    Container Type Transformer Substation YBW-12

    YBW-12 series substations combine high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers and low-voltage electrical equipment into compact gear of power distribution devices, which are used in urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, luxury villas, square parks, residential areas, high-tech development zones, small and medium-sized factories, mine oilfields and temporary construction.