We are pleased to be licensed to install (repair, test) power facilities

14 April 2020, On the basis of the documents published on the official website of the Shandong Supervision Bureau of the State Energy Administration —— the decision of the Shandong Supervision Bureau of the State Energy Administration to grant an administrative license (Shandong Supervision qualification [2020] No .120), Our company has passed the strict examination of Shandong Supervision Bureau and formally obtained the license of power facilities for loading (repair, trial)(license No .:6-1-00030-2020), The licensing categories are “four-class, four-class, four-class”, The validity period is 6 years.

The License for Installation (Repair and Trial) of Power Facilities is the qualification required by enterprises engaged in installation and construction, project maintenance and testing of electric power, transmission and distribution, photovoltaic power generation and new energy generation. In recent years, the general package of electric power engineering business has been recognized and favored by more and more customers ,” turnkey project “will become the future development trend, loading (repair, trial) power facilities license qualification acquisition, prove that our company has the initial capacity to undertake integrated electrical housing integrated supporting project, can be engaged in power facilities installation, maintenance, testing business; To help the company from a single product sales model to a complete set of service system, to create a” multi-product + engineering installation supporting + operation and maintenance services “complete set of solutions comprehensive platform; Help to improve our competitiveness and brand influence in the market, increase customer trust in our company.

In this era of continuous segmentation of the target market, enterprises should understand customer needs and dig deep into demand, and then meet the demand in order to better sustainable development. All along, our company adheres to the core values of “customer in my heart, quality in my hands, cooperation based on win-win “, to solve customer pain points, beyond customer needs as their own responsibility, actively explore new models and new solutions to serve customers, in order to achieve value creation, win-win cooperation. As a result, we will be able to carry out installation, maintenance and testing activities in 35 kV and below power systems and distribution rooms. We basically have the total package capability, maintenance and testing capability of the equipment, which will also expand our business scope and provide more professional, comprehensive and considerate service to our customers. At the same time, the qualification audit, on the one hand, highlights our continuous pursuit of improving power services, on the other hand, it also reflects the comprehensive strength of our continuous scientific and technological development and innovation.

The company has actively integrated internal high-quality resources and formulated new ideas and policies to promote the development of the business. We believe that the promotion of this business will help the company to achieve greater development in the future. We will adhere to the mission of “providing high-quality, safe and reliable transmission and distribution products and services, leading the industry and benefiting the society “, constantly open up and innovate, and create greater value and benefit for the society on the road of power transmission, distribution and service!

Post time: May-31-2021